33 minutes | Apr 27, 2021

An Elite Adventurer Reckons with Risk

Professional outdoor athletes can seem invincible—like no matter what crazy thing they do next, they’ll come out the other side alive (and probably smiling). But if you actually ask these athletes about their relationship with risk, they’ll likely be quick to tell you about the moment they realized that no matter how good they are at their sport, sometimes bad things happen. For the latest episode of the Wild Files, we share the story of photographer, filmmaker, and climber Savannah Cummins, a rising talent who endured a tragedy last year that forced her to reexamine the life she’s chosen and the kinds of dangers and consequences she’s willing to accept. This episode of the Outside Podcast is brought to you by the all-new 2021 Ford Bronco Sport, a 4x4 SUV with seven available G.O.A.T. modes that enable it to go over any type of terrain. Learn more at ford.com/bronco
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