70 minutes | Aug 6, 2019

M-ass Shootings

What made the internet angry this week? In the wake of an uncharacteristically shooty week for the U.S. (that's irony, folks!), we take a look at some bonkers stats that prove how batshit crazy the U.S. gun violence epidemic really is. Also: it's hot, and we don't have shirts on, so you're lucky this is just a podcast! Also: what's a bigger scourge to the U.S. right now: guns, or feral hogs? YOU MIGHT BE SURPRISED BY THE ANSWER, BUT YOU MIGHT NOT? Also: two girls wanted big asses so badly, they sacrificed their kidneys to get them! Also: rich people hate socialism, until they can game it in their favor! Also: dating is garbage and if you're single now you'll probably be alone forever! Also: Derek does a really great Seth Rogen impersonation! Also: a bangin' 98 Degrees soundtrack! Also: listen to this podcast!
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