13 minutes | Apr 25th 2020

To Delegate is to Empower (OUTPERFORM for Leaders excerpt)

“What can I do vs. What can ONLY I do?” —Scott Welle. This is an exclusive excerpt from my recently published book, OUTPERFORM for Leaders: A Guide to Inspiring Peak Performance in an Ever-Changing World. This specific chapter (“To Delegate is to Empower”) comes straight from the audiobook section, Communicate Effectively. Online and offline, through their type, timing and tonality, Outperforming leaders are able to engage and motivate others through their communication. Whether you’re leading a company, team, community or your family, I hope this serves you as you serve others. To purchase the book and for additional book bonuses, visit https://scottwelle.com/leadership. Also, please follow me on Instagram at www.instagram.com/scottwelle/. Enjoy!
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