20 minutes | Mar 25, 2021

Mainstream Myth: Massive Action Does NOT Solve All Problems

“With massive action comes inconsistency, because at SOME point, it becomes unsustainable. And when we take massive, inconsistent action, it often ends up leading to ORDINARY results.” —Scott Welle. Text OUTPERFORM to 38470. This solocast addresses one of the biggest myths in goal achievement: “Massive action solves all problems.” Yes, massive action WILL get you results but is it the ONLY way? And, most importantly, is it the BEST way? Show notes and the video for this episode can be found at https://scottwelle.com/massive-action. Enjoy and feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn (and to see my weekly LinkedIn Lives) at https://www.linkedin.com/in/scottwelle/ or follow me on Instagram at www.instagram.com/scottwelle/. If you find value, please share! Keep Outperforming!
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