10 minutes | Oct 16th 2020

Do you feel like Alice in Wonderland, when confronted with rule 42? A review of the Coronavirus rules and regulations with Matt Pattison

During Alice's adventures in Wonderland, she found herself in the presence of the King of Hearts. He wanted her to go, so he cited Rule 42: "All persons more than a mile high to leave the court." Heads turned to Alice. "I'm not a mile high," she objected. "You are," said the King. The queen testified that Alice is nearly two miles tall. "Well, I shan't go, at any rate," Alice said "besides, that's not a regular rule: you invented it just now."

[0 Min] Alice in Wonderland and Rule 42. A reflection on what rules have been applied to manage Covid 19.

[2 Mins] From chevrons on the floor to kids not singing in school, where do you stand?

[3 Mins 30] Prof Christofer Toumazou (Regius Professor of Engineering, Imperial College) and a PCR test that is possibly far too  sensitive?

[5 Mins] We need more granulation on resolution data e.g. discharged through death, with ill health, or effectively well. How do we judge out proportional action?

[6 Mins 30] The need for a circuit breaker? Let's discuss this. Don't treat us all like Alice.

[7 Mins 30] Are we trying to catch the wind with a sieve? Competing paradigm's in battle.

[8 Mins 30] What do you agree with? A CTA to think about all of our filter bubbles.


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