42 minutes | Mar 25, 2021

When You Close Your Eyes

Explorer Christopher Venter lost his eyesight very suddenly, at age 40. He was an avid traveler, and at first, he couldn’t imagine going on with life, if he couldn’t see. But eventually, he regained the will to live and the courage to explore the world. On this episode, he takes us on a journey from Sicily to Southern France and shows us the world as he experiences it — with his other four senses. The story comes to us from the Armchair Explorer Podcast, a show on which the world’s greatest adventurers tell their best stories from the road. At the end of the episode, we talk with Armchair Explorer host Aaron Millar about his show, and his desire to cure our “wonder deficit,” one story at a time. For Further Reading: You can find Christopher Venter's books here. Support Out There: Patreon | Venmo | Credit Card
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