25 minutes | Feb 11, 2021

Common Ground

Have you found yourself at odds with family members or close friends over diverging values? The past year has dredged up tensions over many issues — from racial justice, to proper pandemic behavior, to a highly politicized presidential election. How do we nurture our relationships with loved ones, when the values that are central to our being are challenged? On this episode, Stephanie Maltarich tells the story of a trip she took with her father in rural Ohio. The week they spent together outdoors highlighted the deep divides that existed in their politics and values, but their conversations around the campfire also laid some groundwork for reconciling with those divides.   If you enjoy this story...check out an episode called "The Truths We Hold." Pandemic silver linings: what has gotten better since being moved outside? Leave us a voice message, and we might play it on the show! Support Out There: Patreon | Venmo | Credit Card
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