62 minutes | Feb 24th 2021

Chapter 6: Act Two: Sh*t! Look at all these pigs!

We continue our deep, deep dive into Broadway’s most infamous flop as we charge head-first into the madness and mayhem of Act Two! And mayhem it really is! Leather outfits! Dead pigs! Is that a medieval sword? A rap! A giant disco ball! Lasers! Oh my!As the audience cracks up at the infamous line ‘it’s a simple little gig, you help me kill a pig, and I’ve got some plans for the blood’, we hear first-hand from the cast about that iconic but tricky blood-soaked finale, not to mention the reaction to Broadway’s most expensive staircase. And can it really be true that the cast was met by a chorus of boos at the curtain call… or is there more to it? Wotta night!Oh! Also - did anybody mention that Carrie is telekinetic? No?Join us on our social channels and share your feedback! Instagram Facebook Twitter  Out for Blood is hosted by Holly Morgan and Chris Adams, edited by Tom Moores, with original music by Odinn Orn Hilmarson and artwork by Rebecca Pitt. Out for Blood is a proud member of the Broadway Podcast Network.Thanks this week to Dean Pitchford, Linzi Hateley, Sally Ann Triplett, Charlotte D’Amboise, Georgia Otterson, Michelle DuVernay, Shelley Hodgson, Suzanne Thomas, Joey McKneeley, Kenny Linden, Eric Gilliom, Michelle Nelson Manne, Audrey Lavine, Jeremy Sturt, Todd Graff, Peter Michael Marino, Stephen Dolginoff, Kim Criswell, Mark Silver, Scott Briefer, Peter Mckintosh, Bob Sembiante and Keith Butler.THIS WEEK’S LINKS: The unofficial Carrie Archive Channel on YouTube has plenty of bootleg videos of Carrie so you can check out all the madness yourself. They’ve also compiled this megamix of audience reactions. A bootleg video of ‘Crackerjack’ in Stratford vs an audio of the renamed ‘Out for Blood’ on Broadway - which is your favourite? Either way, enjoy. Sally Ann Triplett’s (Sue's) cut song ‘White Star’. Linzi Hateley performs ‘When There’s No-One’ (paid content). Please note that we don’t own any of the content above and we’re not responsible for the content of third-party links – enjoy!
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