69 minutes | Jul 18th 2020

Episode 4 - DJ Nicole Rosé

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In what is definitely one of our best interviews to-date, we caught with Nicole Stillings, a/k/a DJ Nicole Rosé, to talk about life, entrepreneurship in 2020, staying sane in quarantine, style, fashion, and of course, music. If you know of DJ Rosé, you know how brilliant and absolutely hilarious her takes on issues are, and her time chatting with us for sure does not disappoint. On everything from her adorable dog Disco to starting her new headphone company, Rosé Rockers, Nicole gives us the insightful and humorous content we both need and deserve.

00:53 - Hey Nicole!

01:52 - Skrrrrt! COVID forcing a change of plans.

05:06 - Giving birth...to the sup, babe? podcast.

09:46 - The truth about Oreos.

11:16 - Nicole Rose Stillings can't ride a bike.

11:38 - DJ Rosé helps people get rid of their cars (sort of).

14:04 - DJ Rosé makes her way out east.

15:38 - The true meaning of "Out East Vibes."

18:43 - HamptonsLive! hosted by @supbabepod.

21:25 - Start your own podcast...today.

22:29 - DJ Rosé can kick your ass. Fact.

23:30 - Fashion from her college days, in Nicole's own words.

24:38 - You'll NEVER guess what DJ Rosé is allergic to.

27:50 - Listen to this and never eat all-you-can-eat sushi again.

29:00 - Get you a girl who loves steak more than you do, fellas.

30:45 - At-home fitness & yoga.

32:10 - Nicole's family's cat has some heavy art-world street cred.

33:30 - The "incident."

35:55 - Being a #girlboss entrepreneur with Rosé Rockers.

39:30 - The evolution of DJ Rosé's gear, and some pretty rad past events.

43:39 - DJing under wild circumstances.

44:30 - That NYC Party Life.

47:26 - Meeting "notables."

49:20 - More DJing in the wild.

51:00 - The world's best rosé, according to DJ Rosé.

53:30 - Champagne blackouts are a real thing.

54:39 - Skincare & makeup!

56:00 - BREAKING NEWS: DJ Rosé is NOT cutting her hair!

58:09 - Welcome to your thirties. Your body now hates you.

59:09 - The entrepreneurial mindset and finding the good.

01:00:04 - Music, obvi.

01:05:58 - DJ Gear x Bags, new Insta account launching soon?

01:07:00 - Thanks!

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