67 minutes | May 11, 2021

#022 Lessons from CTY Ireland with Dr Colm O'Reilly

Today I’m speaking with Dr Colm O’Reilly, Director of the Centre of Talented You at Ireland’s Dublin City University, about their awesome program. In the episode, you’ll hear all about the program CTYI offer, why they offer it and who get’s to attend. We also talk at length about tips for parents of gifted kids. The CTYI engages about 6000 and has operated for 30 years so I was keen to know what Dr Colm O’Reilly has learned about gifted kids and parenting gifted kids during this time! Hit play and let’s get started! Dr Colm O’Reilly “Sometimes with bright kids. You need to relax that a little bit because they're obviously doing quite well up to now. Sometimes you can be overly focused on what they're getting in scores and exams and tests and stuff, because we're constantly using that as a metric to judge them as to how well they're doing when the passion and the interest and what they believe and what they like is very important, too.” – Dr Colm O’Reilly Dr Colm O’Reilly has worked in the area of gifted education for decades, is a published academic and Director of the CTYI. Dr O’Reilly engages internationally with gifted education and is a wealth of knowledge and experience. Resources Centre for Talented Youth, Ireland Subscribe & Review If you enjoyed this episode and it inspired you in some way, I’d love to hear about your biggest takeaway in the comments. For more episodes, you can subscribe and to help others find our podcast please leave a review. You can find show notes and more resources at www.ourgiftedkids.com See you in the same place next week. Connect Connect with me on LinkedIn Instagram & Facebook!
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