48 minutes | Apr 9, 2021

#020 A Journey of Perfectionism

A holiday replay of our most popular episodes! This holidays we have replayed our most popular episodes so it's a great chance to catch up on any you've missed before we return with new episodes next week! In this episode I talk to Samantha, mum of a number of gifted kids and a big part of their journey is perfectionism. For more info about how you can help your gifted child with perfectionism, check out these other episodes as well: #010 Growth Mindset with Big Life Journel Founder Alexandra Eidens #017 What is a gifted Assessment with Amanda Drury Blog - How I learnt to Chill Out as a Parent of Gifted Kids More blogs and podcasts at www.ourgiftedkids.com and subscribe so you don't miss out! Find show notes at: https://ourgiftedkids.com/blog/perfectionism/
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