63 minutes | Mar 15, 2021

#015 How do I talk to my gifted child about sex? With Dr Matt Zakreski

Today I’m speaking with Dr Matt Zakreski about sex education for gifted kids. Dr Matt uses a  lifespan sex education model with a gifted education lens to talk about sex to our gifted kids. In the episode you’ll hear: Looking at sex education through the gifted perspective. What gifted traits you need to consider during the sex education talks and puberty. What to talk about during each phase of your child growing up. 3 Biggest tips for parents – own the awkward, it’s a series of conversations, you don’t have to go it alone! Hit play and let’s get started! Memorable Quote “Most schools, if they have sex ed at all is in eighth grade right before they go to high school. And at that point, you're probably at least two years into puberty, maybe three… So can you imagine… let's use driving the car. You start driving the car and three years later, I'm going to teach you how to do it.” – Dr. Matt “We're going to change, start wearing deodorant, or we start having to shave, maybe wearing makeup, wearing a bra, does a bra have underwire, right? These are all sensory things that we have to consider.” Dr. Matt “Then we get to that emotional overexcitability... All those emotions are going to be felt to like 14, on a one to 10 scale, which means when our kids crush. They're going to crush hard and they might get a little obsessive. They might have their hearts broken and that is something we need to anticipate as adults.” – Dr. Matt Resources Dr. Matt Zakreski Website Dr. Matt Zakreski Facebook Subscribe & Review If you enjoyed this episode and it inspired you in some way, I’d love to hear about your biggest takeaway in the comments. For more episodes, you can subscribe and to help others find our podcast please leave a review. You can find show notes and more resources at www.ourgiftedkids.com See you in the same place next week. Connect Connect with me on LinkedIn Instagram & Facebook!
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