31 minutes | Mar 1, 2021

#013 Screen time, Help! Jocelyn Brewer talks Broccoli & Digital Nutrition.

Today I’m speaking with Jocelyn Brewer, creator of the Digital Nutrition concept. We’re talking about screen time and a new way parents can look at this challenging topic!  Jocelyn helps us stay human in a digital world. In the episode you’ll hear: A new concept for managing screen time - Digital Nutrition. Gaming and computer games – an opportunity to show a growth mindset and connect! Using technology (games) to build on our weaknesses. Communication and understanding. How to win a spot in Jocelyn’s Engaging (Tech Obsessed) Adolescents course! Hit play and let’s get started! Memorable Quote “Actually having a person sitting next to you with the controller and having that easy cool presence while engaging is like a digital super food.” – Jocelyn “You don't have to be a gamer and I guess this is what I encourage parents to really look beyond. We wouldn't say, oh, I'm not much of a booker. If you could just go over there and do your booking and like, just, don't ask me to want to know anything about what you're doing with your books. We wouldn't have that same kind of attitude. And so this is what I mean about curiosity.” – Jocelyn “What we noticed with young people, especially around relationships or thinking they know everything is that they're walking through this big dark, I usually call it a warehouse of their life, with a match. What they can see is only as far as that match gives them insight and they think, oh wow, I can see everything. Whereas the process of brain development and the experiences of life, start  throwing on bigger and better light bulbs.” - Jocelyn Resources Enter Competition to win a spot in Jocelyn’s Course, Engaging (Tech Obsessed) Adolescents here! Digital Nutrition – Jocelyn Brewer’s Website The Quest for Digital Super Foods – Jocelyn Brewer Introducing Virtual Vitamins – Jocelyn Brewer Taming Gaming Website PAX Aus Gaming Conference Parent Shop Subscribe & Review If you enjoyed this episode and it inspired you in some way, I’d love to hear about your biggest takeaway in the comments. For more episodes, you can subscribe and to help others find our podcast please leave a review. You can find show notes and more resources at www.ourgiftedkids.com See you in the same place next week. Connect Connect with me on LinkedIn Instagram & Facebook!
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