37 minutes | Jun 28, 2021

#121 How Do They Get Paid? The FTC's Use of Monetary Relief for Deterrence and Compensation

The use of monetary relief-- also called disgorgement-- historically was used by the FTC for deterrence and compensation of consumers. Now that the Supreme Court has ruled that the FTC lacks authority for disgorgement, what will the FTC do? Lydia Parnes, a partner at Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati and former Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection at the FTC, joins Elyse Dorsey and John Roberti to discuss the history and future of disgorgement remedies. Listen to this episode to learn more about how the FTC can and should use monetary relief to pursue its mission. Related Links: AMG CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC, ET AL. v. FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION Lydia Parnes et. al., AMG v. FTC: U.S. Supreme Court Ends Key FTC Consumer Protection Enforcement Practice Hosted by: John Roberti, Allen & Overy LLP and Elyse Dorsey, George Mason University
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