36 minutes | Jun 7, 2021

#118 What’s The Role Of Journalism In Antitrust?: A Conversation With Leah Nylen

People often read more from journalists than from lawyers to learn about antitrust. But what roles does journalism itself play in antitrust, in terms of the development and practice of the law? Leah Nylen, seasoned antitrust reporter at POLITICO, speaks with John Roberti and Anora Wang about everything ranging from meeting in parking garages exchanging secret papers, muckraking and informing the public, to how to speak with a journalist. Listen to this episode to learn all about antitrust journalism. Related Links: https://www.politico.com/states/staff/leah-nylen Hosted by: John Roberti, Allen & Overy LLP and Anora Wang, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
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