41 minutes | May 10, 2021

#114 What Are the Generic and Biosimilar Industries Worried About? Current Competition Law Issues Impacting the Sector.

Generics and biosimilars are an important part of the pharmaceutical landscape in Europe. What are the competition law issues faced by suppliers of those products? Adrian van den Hoven, Director General of trade association Medicines for Europe, joins John Roberti and Matthew Hall to discuss the key concerns of generic and biosimilar suppliers and also the dramatic impact of COVID-19 on them. Listen to this episode to learn more about the application of competition law to pharmaceuticals and the background to the 2020 comfort letter granted by the European Commission at the request of Medicines for Europe. Related Links: Medicines for Europe White Paper on Barriers to Generic and Biosimilar Market Entry Medicines for Europe Paper on Patent Linkage Medicines for Europe Paper on Divisional Patents Hosted by: John Roberti, Partner, Allen & Overy and Matthew Hall, Partner, McGuireWoods London LLP
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