120 minutes | Jul 11, 2021

In Conversation w/ Pascal Robert, This Is Revolution Co-Host & OCG INTERLOCUTOR

In Conversation with Pascal Robert, The Thought Merchant Co-Host, THIS IS REVOLUTION Podcast &  OUR COMMON GROUND IN-TER-LOCU-TOR Pascal is an essayist and Political Commentator on Black Politics, US Economic and Financial politics and Haiti. He is a graduate of Hofstra University and Boston University Law School. Somehow 20 percent of African American males supporting someone who is a male like Donald Trump is not a quirk. Do we tend to have a false consensus about how Blacks tend to vote?  We talk with Pascal Robert tonight about how it happens, what it means, and whether it simply a message of some sort. Just what are they thinking? Pascal is a son of Haiti. Growing up in Miami, he was schooled by his father and, uncles in history, culture, and the stories of Haiti’s resistance to imperialism. We talk with him about that history and review how in that history Haiti became one of the poorest nations in the world. "Transforming Truth to Power, One Broadcast At a Time" To support OUR COMMON GROUND visit our website.  Follow us on FB and Twitter #JaniceOCG Join  our Exchange Community  
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