39 minutes | Feb 11th 2021

Families Ripped Apart

Los Angeles County is home to the largest foster care system in the country, and it’s run in partnership with the police and local Sheriff’s department. So what happens when a system that’s meant to protect our children intersects with law enforcement and ends up criminalizing them instead? How do we get to the root of the system’s domino effect in Black, Brown and Indigenous communities? This week, we’re joined by two women, La Mikia Castillo and Yahniie Bridges, who share their personal experience with the foster care system and how ending police partnerships can help to reimagine child safety.   Keep up with Julián on twitter @JulianCastro and Instagram @JulianCastroTX.    Resources from the episode: Read up on the BLMLA #ReimagineChildSafety campaign petition here Follow BLMLA on Twitter Missed our first episode on foster care and transition-age youth? Listen to it here   Click this link for a list of current sponsors and discount codes for this show and all Lemonada shows.   To follow along with a transcript and/or take notes for friends and family, go to https://www.lemonadamedia.com/show/our-america shortly after the air date.   Stay up to date with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at @LemonadaMedia. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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