123 minutes | Oct 26th 2020

When They Cry – Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

It's spoopy month time and we're talking all about the blood soaked citizens of Hinamizawa from When They Cry in this spoopy celebration episode! I mean, what's spoopier than waifus and rural living!? Waifus who want to kill you AND rural living! Well, the thoughts I have before I go to bed are WAAAAY scarier than that but this episode isn't about the existential horror of being alive in a crumbling society! It's about the stabby stabby murder murder kind of horror! This episode we're diving deep into the thrill ride of Higurashi's first season and oh boy. Please be prepared to hear "in the visual novels though" a bit cause, of course, I can't shut up when I've actually read the source material, for real. Honestly, if you haven't seen this show and you're reading this description then please go watch it before we spoil it for you cause we have spoilers sectioned off but that's like 70% of the episode! Go treat yourself to anime! RIka's voice will soothe your soul! Anyways, listen to our discussion and review in this episode to find out if everyone in Hinamizawa is actually buff or if the gravity is just not working there, how awesome G4 was, and all about the FORBIDDEN nii-nii! No matter the timeline, we're always here to give you some anime podcast goodness so visit our website at www.otakumelancholy.com to see all our links including our social media and join the Discord at https://discord.gg/rUHYUyW to continue the conversation! Ni~pah!