73 minutes | Nov 17th 2020


It's time for more Monogatari! Or should I say more "Meownogatari"? I shouldn't say it. It's a stupid joke. We're back with another review and discussion of Monogatari and this time we're covering Nekomonogatari or Nekomonogatari Black if you're like that or Nekomonogatari Kuro if you're just a weeb who never wants to be absolved of his sin. The clocks rewind and we finally get to see that fateful Golden Week and what exactly made Tsubasa turn into the Tsubasa Black that we all know and love (well, mostly me, I guess? I love her a lot). This episode gets extra melancholic as we dive into the nature of relationships, what helps us to destress, and there's a bad Bane impression in here. It's a solid episode. I would definitely listen to it on the train or something. Maybe as you look out the window and think about the last time you were truly happy. I do that a lot. The memories fade as I look out upon the bleak landscape. What truly is happiness? I don't know but I know you can momentarily escape it for a few brief seconds by going to our website at www.otakumelancholy.com to see all our links including our social media and joining the Discord at https://discord.gg/rUHYUyW to continue the conversation!