157 minutes | Aug 18th 2020

Memories of Hama-con: An Interview with Hama's Director of Awesome, Basil of OSMcast

On July 19th 2019, congoers met for the last time at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, AL to enjoy their time at the tenth and final year at North Alabama premiere anime and gaming con, Hama-con. It had been an adventure to get to this point and many a tear were no doubt shed as friends and family parted knowing that they would never meet again in celebration of this convention. Hama-con touched many otaku and non-otaku alike and was a yearly ritual for so many including myself. It is in the spirit of Hama-con and the solidarity of anime fan alike who cannot meet in the hallowed halls of conventions due to the coronavirus that we present to you this interview with Hama-con's director of awesome, Basil, who so generously gave us his time and worked with the convention since its inception. If you're expecting the sort of antics of a traditional OtaMel episode then I'm super sorry but this is an actual interview and one that has a sincere meaning to me. I hope that you'll enjoy it regardless and truly appreciate the times you've had at conventions and look forward to the times that we will have in the future. I'll still be out here keeping the Hama-con spirit alive. We will all carry that weight.