36 minutes | Feb 13th 2021

ATTALK ON TITAN: Episode 68 - "Brave Volunteers"

The big info dump episodes return as we get another episode of people talking about people and how those people treat other people that they don't really see as people and how those people (who aren't considered people) feel about those people. Alright, now that the spoiler buffer is out of the way, in this episode we see the origin of the Marley heist (it's not really a heist but hey I think it sounds cool) and we see a little bit of the fallout of the loss of our dearly beloved. Also Brad was totally right about them just throwing crystal Annie in jail. That was weird. As always, check out new episodes every Tuesday by going to our website at www.otakumelancholy.com to see all our links including our social media and join the Discord at https://discord.gg/rUHYUyW to continue the conversation! Ganbatte!

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