99 minutes | Feb 2nd 2021

ANIMISERY: Domestic Girlfriend (feat. The Anime Brothers)

We're talking an incest anime (that isn't really incest) this time so we brought on two brothers (who aren't really brothers) to come on and talk all about the forbidden fruit of familial love (that isn't really the forbidden fruit of familiar love). We're talking all about 2019's Domestic Girlfriend (or Domestic na Kanojo if you wanna be THAT guy) in this episode in a brazen attempt to just straight up turn off one of the brothers on romance anime completely. Does it work? Spoilers: not really. This episode is still worth checking out to see the very lax Hina vs. Rui fight and to learn all about the "pedophile clique" that this show has. We also talk about our awkward first sexual experiences and we even feature like 10 seconds of a very Nickelback song (that we VERY OBVIOUSLY don't own the rights to so please don't kill me RIAA or whoever does the suing for this kind of thing) that is very special to one of the brothers and his romantic conquest of a mattress. We talk a little bit less about anime than normal in this episode but it's probably still fun, yeah? Probably. Craig laughed at part of it so you know it has to be a little good. Or maybe it isn't. I don't know what Craig likes. As always, check out new episodes every Tuesday by going to our website at www.otakumelancholy.com to see all our links including our social media and join the Discord at https://discord.gg/rUHYUyW to continue the conversation! Ganbatte!

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