90 minutes | Sep 15th 2020


Have you ever wished that you just didn't have to look in two places for a waifu and a delicious refreshing beverage? Maybe you wanted to satisfy your thirst for anime girls while you were actual sating your thirst? While you watch 2009's Akikan, you don't have to! It's just too bad you'll have to look for some actual quality while you enjoy your senpai soda or whatever.  Haha, I'm kidding though, right!? Yeah, it's Akikan! It's all about soda can magical girls fighting other soda can magical girls to determine if steel or aluminum is the superior metal for soft drinks cause that's something so important that the Japanese government couldn't just let be solved by an actual vote or something! It's got the mediocrity that will fix what ginger ails ya! It's got everything you could want in anime! We're looking at all kinds of waifus here: the main girl, the not main girl, the childhood friend, the lesbian, the woman who is actually legal, and the obligatory loli! You could not pick a better line-up! You got... fights? Yeah! Plenty of 'em! With lots of "quality" animation so reused that you can see the duct tape holding it together! You want humor? It's probably there! If you like terrible stereotypes and cats then you'll be rolling in the floor! You got... Please Mountain Dew not watch this show. It' s really actually sincerely bad. I would not Coca-Colie to you. I voted ramunay to watching this but here we are. I had to watch this show and now it feels like my actual interest in anime is fizzling out. The cold, refreshing, bubbly sensation of my weeaboo energy is gone. Soda puns! Please send actual help. This show has seriously broken me. I can't do these shows. Please. No more Animisery of actual bad shows. I don't even look for animation errors in anime but here we are. I found 'em. Thank you, Akikan. Visit our website at www.otakumelancholy.com to see all our links including our social media and join the Discord at https://discord.gg/rUHYUyW to continue the conversation! Melo-melo-melon!