6 minutes | Apr 16th 2020

Soothing organizing activities

This is podcast 144 and it’s about organizing to soothe your soul. If you’ve been feeling too distracted or worried, or busy with work that’s more tiring than usual because you’re doing it remotely, you probably haven’t started any projects. And that’s fine. But it occurred to me that some organizing tasks can be relaxing and take your mind off things for awhile. The Organize Your Life podcast is about time management, productivity, procrastination, decluttering, organizing, self management and more. In each episode I talk about challenges and problems in those areas and give you great ideas on how to overcome them. I offer practical suggestions. I talk about why we humans behave the way we do and how you can develop your own “hacks” to outsmart yourself. Please leave a rating or review if you like the show! Visit me at http://www.facebook.com/ClutterCoachClaire, Twitter http://twitter.com/ClaireTompkins, and on my website, www.cluttercoach.net
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