34 minutes | Oct 22nd 2020

ReAir 274 - Eliminate the TO DO List

This week our #ThrowbackThursday episode is number 274: Stop Trying to Finish the To-Do List.   There was a time in my life when I lived for my to-do list. Or rather, I lived through my to-do list. I would list everything I needed to get done that day and, like most of you, ticked them off one by one as I completed each task. When you’re in the habit of checking things off a to-do list, there isn’t enough time to stop. You get so caught up in it that you can’t even see the progress you’re making. Not to mention, you’re always adding new tasks to the list. Or worse than that, you’re adding the same daily chores to the list each day.   But, wouldn’t it be more beneficial to spend your time doing things that have a lasting impact? As you go from living a reactive life to a proactive life, you start to develop new habits. You start spending your time differently. And, you start to look at time differently.   Listen in as I tell you how to ditch your to-do list and move to the Sunday Basket® system that will help you focus on your real life priorities, not just the random things that accumulate on your to-do list.