68 minutes | May 20, 2018

Episode 22 Jesse From Eco Firma Farms

Happy Sunday, Buds! And welcome to our 22nd episode. This week we brought on Jesse Peters, co-founder and CEO of Eco Firma Farms. If you’re not familiar with Eco Firma, that should change soon because they are back from a year-long hiatus during which they built out their cultivation facility to drastically surpass any environmental standards set before them.  Founded in 2012, Eco Firma Farms has always been on a mission to improve and legitimize the cannabis industry. Whether it’s creating sustainable and carbon-neutral growing practices, or lobbying for legalization, chances are Jesse has something to do with it. He helped to found the Oregon Growers’ PAC and the Oregon Cannabis Association, both of which are bringing the industry together to influence rulemaking in a way that allows our community to continue to grow and thrive. We are so grateful to Jesse and Eco Firma Farms for fighting the good fight and for taking the time to share with us about it! This was such an educational episode which we always love to do, we hope you take some time to listen to Jesse’s thoughts because there was no way to cover it all here! Follow our story on our social media. @oregon_buds on Instagram and @oregonbuds on Twitter. We are now publishing articles on The Weed Blog and you can check it out now!
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