74 minutes | Apr 22, 2018

Episode 18 Little House Foods

Welcome back to another great episode of Oregon Buds. Happy weed week and 420! We hope everyone had an amazing 420 and made plenty of new buds this weekend. Our last guests was a great one! We had the Miranda and Megon of Little House Foods with us. They were kind enough to bring us some wonderful treats to try. Miranda has an amazing vision to help us enhance our own family recipes that have been guarded for generations. They have CYOC (Cook Your Own Cannabis) brand of products consisting of Ghee Butter and Olive Oil. They also have caramel and lemon curd to revitalize some amazing desserts! Come sit down and listen to had these two amazing women met and continued to grow the Little House Food company. From traveling all over the world to come back home and bring happiness to old time neighbors and friends. Its time for us to jump on the food train with Little House Foods and create new and amazing foods for our friends and family to enjoy! You can follow the wonderful journey of Little House Foods on Instagram @littlehousefoods and check out their website at https://littlehousefoods.com/ Follow your buds on Instagram @oregon_buds and twitter @oregonbuds Rate and leave us a review on whatever platform you are listening on. We appreciate all of your support and the buds love you! Until next week, stay safe my friends.
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