88 minutes | Sep 3rd 2019

JOCKO WILLINK | Leadership Strategy and Tactics

I don’t care in what capacity you’re showing up in life – you are a leader. And, whether you realize it or not, you are having an influence on those around you. Whether you’re trying to secure a job promotion, lead your team and co-workers to success, manage a home, or get their kids to do their chores, your ability to learn and implement the strategies Jocko and I share today are critical.Jocko Willink (a man who needs no introduction) and I sit down face to face to discuss what it means to be a leader, considerations when raising kids right, striking the balance between opposing leadership methods (dichotomies), and very specific leadership strategies and tactics. And, if all that isn’t enough, we talk a little bit about archery and beards.


  • Origin Emersion Camp
  • Mental fortitude 
  • Mechanical drills
  • The evolution of Echelon Front
  • Writing a best seller
  • Leadership for kids 
  • A first-class archery experience 
  • A roll of the dice
  • The best of the best 
  • Feeling like an imposter 
  • Overcoming weakness 
  • Detaching from a bad plan
  • How to handle ultimatums 
  • Correcting bad behavior 
  • The reality of leadership


My guest today is a man who has now been on the podcast on four separate occasions and someone who does not, for most of you listening, need an introduction. His name is Jocko Willink and he served as the Navy SEAL Commander for the most highly-decorated special forces unit of the Iraq war. And, since leaving the military has gone on to lead on of the most recognizable and effective leadership companies in the world with his brother-in-arms, Leif Babin, Echelon Front.

On top of all of that, he’s written 8 books with his most recent being Leadership Strategy and tactics Field Manual (which we’ll be discussing today). His other books include Extreme Ownership, Dichotomy of Leadership, and the Way of the Warrior Kid series, among others.I’m honored to call this man a friend and am proud to be able to share our conversation with you today.


Obviously, we’ve been talking all about leadership today on the podcast. I want to offer you an additional resource if you’re looking to up your leadership effectiveness.It’s called the Iron Council and it’s a brotherhood of men working together to achieve maximum results in our lives. And, a lot of what we discuss is centered around the third pillar of masculinity, Preside, which is synonymous with leadership.Most of the institutions that have served men and offered a place for them to band together have been on the decline and while all of that is going away, the Order of Man and the Iron Council is rising up instead. We’re dedicated to giving you the tools, resources, brotherhood, camaraderie, and accountability to step fully into that man you have a desire to become.If you want to learn more and band with us, head to www.orderofman.com/ironcouncil.

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