9 minutes | Dec 6, 2019

UNISON - Climate Change Reminds Us That We’re Not Gods

Episode 10 - UNISON Rage, denial, marketing ploys and concerned reflection. The impact we have on earth’s climate causes many reactions, and is presented as disastrous, fatal, a shock to those who claim we are meant to keep growing and rising. Some have surrendered to it, some want to fight, some are skeptical. And we all squabble. But beyond the politics of it all, the reaL reason why confronting the damage we’ve made is so hard, is that it reminds us of our most ancient, most painful secret: that we want to be God, and we’re not. We are not in unison with nature anymore, and that’s where we have to get back to if we want to survive. ... Subscribe for regular episodes, music and updates! @officialmarcvs Apple Podcast - podcasts.apple.com/it/podcast/orat…1473913342?l=en YouTube - www.youtube.com/channel/UCG4sBlHpBhvptXJOdOfflaA/ Twitter - twitter.com/OrationSeries Instagram - instagram.com/orationseries/ ——— Marcus Vandea: Twitter - twitter.com/MarcusVandea Instagram - instagram.com/marcus_vandea/ Visit - marcusvandea.com ... Write to: orationseries@gmail.com
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