5 minutes | Oct 9, 2019

Inside - (The Ballad of Outrage)

Oration Series, episode 6 - INSIDE We are used to the internet as a hostile, violent place where people join bandwagons and relentlessly attack each other. It’s a brutal pastime, a guilty pleasure borne of envy and resentment, and no fear of the consequences. But as we enjoy this sad spectacle, we don’t realize that we are really the victims of a cruel manipulation. A machine that keeps us busy with meaningless fights and fake outrage, while we lose the real battles out there in the world. ... Subscribe for regular episodes, music and updates! @officialmarcvs Twitter - https://twitter.com/OrationSeries Instagram - https://instagram.com/orationseries/ ——— Marcus Vandea: Twitter - https://twitter.com/MarcusVandea Instagram - https://instagram.com/marcus_vandea/ Visit - https://marcusvandea.com ... Write to: orationseries@gmail.com
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