58 minutes | Aug 20th 2020

S4 E11: Dom Smith Is Thriving, and the Mets weekly tea

Cespedes opting out was the best thing to happen to our boy Dom Smith. The dude is THRIVING, and leading the Mets with home runs and RBI's. The rotation is a gigantic question mark, so Lugo is sliding back in to a starters roll. Mat Harvey is back in the bigs with the Royals. The unwritten rules of baseball kill the progression of the sport. Thom Brennaman is cancelled. The Rumble Ponies are selling the limited edition 2020 T7LA shirsey/hat that was supposed to be for our outing, and more from this week in Mets baseball. Darren Meenan and Julia Quadrino live from T7LHQ. RATE, REVIEW, AND SUBSCRIBE! Follow our friends at www.DugoutMugs.com down in Florida. Dugout Mugs are the only bat mug officially licensed by MLB, MLBPA, and the Hall Of Fame. Follow all their social accounts to be in the loop for all they got going on. Shout out to our friends from Feltman's of Coney Island! Feltmans is the worlds first hot dog brand, and was revitalized in 2015 by die hard Mets fans Michael and Joe Quinn. Use the promo code T7L to take 10% off anything on their website, and have their delicious hot dogs shipped right to your doorstep! Go to www.feltmansofconeyisland.com to get started on your order! And of course, a special thanks to Coors Light - the beer that’s made to chill! Kick back (and enjoy responsibly!) with this episode and the mountain-cold refreshment of Coors Light. Coors Brewing Company, Golden Colorado. Get your beers delivered by hitting up www.get.coorslight.com
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