6 minutes | Jul 28th 2020

Politi-NON-Fact: "Fact-Checkers" are NOT Here To Help You

Your main job on this planet is to Figure Shit Out For Yourself, to Learn, Grow, & Evolve, to be Awake, Aware, Conscious, & connected to Love. So what in God's name are you doing going to a Questionable third party to tell you what's true & what's real in our world?? Can't you see how that leaves you open for manipulation 鈦夛笍 Cuz they sure as hell do. C'mon really, you can't figure it out for yourself? Of course you can, you just have to start by turning off your TELL-A-VISION & doing some research馃挜Awaken your intuition! --- This episode is sponsored by 路 Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app