47 minutes | Aug 13, 2020

#21 Russ Mould - Is the 'Great Rotation' Finally Here? Stocks to Watch in a New Market Cycle

Today I’m talking to Russ Mould, a prolific market pundit and Investment Research Director at AJ Bell, one of the UK’s largest investment platforms with £54.3 billion of invested assets. Russ’s extensive experience in capital markets began in 1991, managing funds at Scottish Equitable, before being entrusted with UBS’s Tech coverage as an Equity analyst, two year later. 12 years on Russ decided he needed a change, becoming a writer, then Editor, at the renowned Shares Magazine - and once that was acquired by AJ Bell in 2014, Russ was chosen to head up the company’s investment research efforts, a role he performs to this day.

We discuss whether the ‘Great Rotation’ is finally here, what that means for investors’ portfolios, and where to find outperformance in a new market cycle, and in the new normal. Russ identifies the sectors, industries and companies that have shone amid unprecedented uncertainty, and which are likely to be at the vanguard of the next cycle.

Russ is consistently asked to contribute to Bloomberg, This is MONEY, CNBC and many other top publications besides, and it was a joy to have him on the podcast. Enjoy the episode!

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