71 minutes | Jul 24th 2020

#18 Joachim Klement - 7 mistakes every investor makes & why Spotify should start a hedge fund

Jo Klement a mathematician and physicist turned investment strategist currently working at Liberium Capital in London where he’s focused on the equity strategy and building the ESG investment offering.

In the interview we uncover some insights from his recently released book - 7 mistakes every investor makes along with why spotify should start a hedge fund and his client from hell. All this and a lot lot more.

Joachim has had a very interesting career spanning over 20 years including being a CIO and after that an MD at credit suisse. He’s spent most of his career working with wealthy individuals and family offices advising them on investments and helping them manage their portfolios.

This is already one of my favourite episodes and some of the most fascinating parts are actually touched on right at the end so make sure you listen to the whole thing.

You can find more brilliant insights from Joachim at www.jklement.com


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