51 minutes | Jul 16th 2020

#17 Deborah Fuhr - Why is Everyone Talking About ETFs? A $6 Trillion Industry, Uncovered

Today, I’m talking to ETF aficionado Deborah Fuhr, Founder of ETFGI, the dominant player in global ETF research. Deborah took time out of her busy schedule – typically a prolific globetrotter but grounded at home by the Coronavirus - to give us an exclusive insight into an industry that now commands a colossal $6 trillion valuation, worth just $8bn as recently as 1997.

We discuss, how Deborah’s helped to pioneer and trail blaze on behalf of these transparent, accessible products; why an industry, traditionally obsessed by fees and sky-high compensation, is now turning its mind to what was once considered, a “quirky”, alternative investment; and which new, innovative products we should keep an eye on, particularly in the Active and Thematic segments. If you’re invested in or trading ETFs this isn’t a conversation you want to miss – hope you enjoy the episode!

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