81 minutes | May 10, 2021

318 Leaky Gut Leaky Brain II With Dr. Christine Rosche From Digestive Health Center

Dr. Christine Rosche From Digestive Health Center is at the cutting edge of gut health.  In here return appearance to the OPP - Dr. Rosche shares some incredible data from international studies about treating covid with iodine mouth wash, ivermectin and gut health boosting protocols. Dr. Rosche has two special offers both at 50% off:  Gut 360 - with a personal consultation around the status of your gut health.  GI 360 - State of the art PCR dna testing with 20% more information than ever before 650-856-3151 within two weeks of the release date In this episode we cover: •The direct impact of gut health with fighting disease and viruses! •The incredible data connecting gut health and your immune system. •How your thoughts, attitudes and stress levels directly effect your gut health •The overwhelming data that shows connection between the gut and the lungs •The role of functional medicine and it’s relationship with conventional medicine •The implications gut health has in a litany of other health issues •The link between vaccines and leaky gut •The Digestive Health Center Protocol for custom probiotic prescription •What does Dr. Rosche’s Gut 360 test? •Supplement Evaluation •Which foods are the best for gut health beyond probiotic foods  
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