13 minutes | Jul 9, 2019

How Reality TV Impacted My Career

I’d be able to fund a new record if I had a dime for every time I’ve been asked this question after one of my shows “Have you thought about going on…" (insert the name of the most popular TV talent show of the time - American Idol, The Launch, America’s Got Talent, The Voice and the list goes on from there)I usually just respond with something like “Awe thank you! I’m so flattered that you think I’ve got what it takes to compete on..." (again- insert the name of the show) and that’s typically where I leave the conversation. I don’t go into my long winded explanation of why I don’t try out for TV talent competitions. But the truth is, early on in my career I did try out for one of those shows and I figured I’d share that experience with you today along with my 3 biggest takeaways from my brush with reality TV.Want more support and inspiration? Join the #GrandOleOpryGonnaBe Facebook Community so we can support you and your music! Socialize with the show:Opry Dreamer InstagramOpry Dreamer Facebook PageConnect With Me:Rachel Mae InstagramRachel Mae Facebook Pagewww.rachelmaemusic.comMusic by Rachel MaeSong: Future MemberPhotography: Barbara Potter PhotographyDesign: Rachel Mae
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