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Montegomory Blair Sibley : DC Madam / Charles Ortel : Clintion Foundation Fraud

Montgomery Blair Sibley is a former American lawyer who had his Florida Bar license suspended in 2008, and is best known for defending Deborah Palfrey, the "DC Madam", in 2007-2008.[1][2]

Blair wrote a book about Palfrey, and his defense of her, entitled Why Just Her: The Judicial Lynching of the D.C. Madam, Deborah Jeane Palfrey.[2] Henry Vinson, author of Confessions of a D.C. Madam, wrote that Sibley "had to contend with the feds judicial chicanery and sleight of hand."[3]

In 2008, The Florida Bar suspended Sibley's right to practice law in that state for three years.[4] Sibley was later determined to be a vexatious litigator.[5]

In 2012, Sibley unsuccessfully sued President Barack Obama, alleging that he was not a natural-born citizen.[6][7]
2016 Presidential Election

In 2016, Sibley, who claims to have Palfrey's phone records, unsuccessfully attempted to have her records unsealed.[8] Sibley claims the information they contain would be highly relevant to voters in the upcoming 2016 presidential election.[6][7]

In February 2016, Sibley sued then-Chief Judge Richard W. Roberts, and his clerk, for failing to file his motion to lift the restraining order (gag order) that prevents Sibley from releasing her records.[9][10]

Sibley then requested that the U.S. Supreme Court release him from the lower court's restraining order, stating: “To be clear, if Sibley is not allowed to file his Motion to Modify the Restraining Order and thereafter does not promptly receive a fair and impartial hearing on that Motion, he will justifiably consider the Restraining Order void as a result of being denied such a hearing by the District Court, the D.C. Circuit Court and now this Court.”[11][12]
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