121 minutes | Jul 15, 2021

Joanne Mjadzelics : Ian Watkins Convicted Child Rapist

Joanne Mjadzelics: For 4years Joanne tried everything to have a very dangerous manipulative paedophile and his accomplices brought to justice and taken away from children and society, but this man was a celebrity, a rockstar, and every report and complaint she made to numerous members of the police in different UK police forces was brushed under the carpet and Joanne was falsey labelled insane and other derogatory things by these corrupt members of the police and their bosses. When the evil paedophile was finally arrested, it was for drug offences, following a tip off that he was importing drugs from the US, it was only on this drugs raid that the police found child pornography evidence that Joanne had been screaming to them about for years. The monster was finally caught, and a year later he was sentenced to 29years in prison and a further 6years on licence, and two women who Joanne had also kept on telling police about who abused their own babies with him were sentenced to 14years and 17years... But the ordeal did not end there...
The police kept on thanking Joanne, right until she spoke to the media and exposed their horrendous failings to protect very young children, then they were embarrassed and had to shut her up, they arrested and charged her over the same images that she had tried on numerous occasions to get the police to take from her and investigate, when the images were sent from Watkins to her phone, she went straight to the top and contacted the chiefs of police, begging for their help to catch this predator, telling them that she had to agree to disgusting things to get him to trust her so she could trap him. They used evidence that she had given them herself against her, they also used falsified evidence against her, transcripts that had been written by Watkins and purposely left on his computer with Joanne's name attached, when everything else had been wiped, he left incriminating "evidence" he had planted ready for the day he would be finally arrested. AOL head office were contacted by police to trace chat accounts that were also wrongly used against her, AOL confirmed none traced back to Joanne, but they all traced back to Watkins. Joanne had been traumatised for years, forced to keep going back to play a sickening role to try and get enough for police to finally act on her tearful pleas for help to stop him, yet in court they abused their power and turned everything she had done and sacrificed against her, they edited a sex tape so it looked as though she was instigating things and showed the edited version in court, this sex tape and what Watkins had her say in it was one of the reasons Joanne first reported the charming man she once loved to police, but they traumatised her even more by publicly showing the edited shocking sex tape in court, to Joanne it was like publicly shaming a rape victim, because she was a victim of Watkins too, she isn't a child but she was the only person to do something about him and sacrifice herself to do it.
Joanne was rightly acquitted of all charges against her in court and spoke out very publicly about the malicious prosecution against her. She was digging up too much dirt, and fully believes that high ranking members of the police and society are involved in the paedophile circles Watkins was involved with...
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