19 minutes | Jan 26, 2018

SE1EP4 - Ryan Holiday on The James Altucher Show - OPP

It took Scoop a while to get into this one by his own admission, but he drops some real gems of his own after listening to marketing OG Ryan Holiday (former assistant to Tim Ferriss) chatting with one of the podcast Kings, James Altucher.  The chat is around perennial (lifelong) selling, the main subject that Altucher and Holiday discussed.  Scoop goes into the idea of building things that are timeless but eventually the conversation becomes about your next door neighbour turning into an alien with green stuff leaking out of their nose.  The show also gets a very rude interruption by one of Jeff Bezo's inventions and Raj rants a bit on the ever present conversation of stoicism in personal development podcasts.  Also, did you know Scoop was the first ever black podcaster?  Find out more in this episode.   Please subscribe and give us a 5 star rating and leave a comment wherever you see this podcast, but especially on Apple's Podcast store.  OPP - Other People's Podcast is a show dedicated to reviewing and reflecting on the best personal and professional development podcasts available online today.   The show is hosted by Fatman Scoop and Raj Kotecha.  The show is Produced and Edited by Arjun M Shah and Executive Producer Raj Kotecha.  Any third-party content featured in OPP is purely for the purpose of promoting the excellent podcasts and people mentioned by the show and is not intended to infringe on any copyrights.
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