50 minutes | Mar 26, 2021

Ep #6| JOHN BERDAHL: The Pressure is On!

Listen and join us for this episode of Ophthalmology Quicksand Chronicles featuring John Berdahl, MD. Dr. Berdahl will showcase a quicksand moment where a patient with a history of trauma and a sutured Ophtec Artificial Iris/IOL undergoes an iStent and ECP for uncontrolled IOP. After the ECP is completed, the chamber begins to shallow, the red reflex is lost, and the pressure is on! This quicksand moment emphasizes the importance of pivoting, getting the complication under control, and how to process the most devastating complication in Ophthalmology…an expulsive suprachoroidal hemorrhage. Dr. Berdahl eloquently teaches us how to learn from these major teaching moments and use these experiences to become an even better surgeon. Thank you to this episodes sponsor, Tarsus. Visit tarsusrx.com  Watch the webcast version of this podcast on YouTube Learn more @ https://ascrs.org/clinical-education/podcasts-qc 
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