63 minutes | Feb 26, 2021

Ep #4| CATHLEEN MCCABE: Lasso Loop the Loose Lens!

Listen and join us for this episode of Ophthalmology Quicksand Chronicles featuring Dr. Cathleen McCabe. In this spotlight innovation episode, Dr. McCabe will share her belt loop innovation using a Prolene 5-0/6-0 suture to scleral fixate a dislocated intraocular lens. While creatively devising the belt loop, double-flange technique, Dr. McCabe delves into the quicksand moments involved while innovating this new technique. Thank you to this episodes sponsor, Science Based Health. Visit SBH.com/quicksand for more information! Watch the webcast version of this podcast on YouTube Learn more @ https://ascrs.org/clinical-education/podcasts-qc 
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