33 minutes | Jan 28, 2021

Opening A Taqueria in Brooklyn for $10k with Nene's Deli Taqueria

The pandemic isn’t over. Cases are still piling up and precautionary measures are still at a peak. Restrictions remain tight on restaurants in most major cities, NYC included. As of today, all indoor dining remains on "pause". But the first seeds of the post-pandemic world are beginning to break ground - let’s say the ramps of the entrepreneurial world! It’s been exciting to see how some chefs have adapted, sprung out on their own, and used this challenge to turn their dreams into a reality. In this 6th season of OS, we are chatting with entrepreneurial spirits who are making it work in a modified food world, delighting their customers, and building something new. Around Thanksgiving, my Instagram feed started showing me images of orange stained tacos laden with melted cheese, and braised meat. Several even show the tacos dipped into a beef broth or a “pizza” (that same birria, sandwiched between two huge handmade tortillas.) Thanks in part to Gothamist and Grubstreet, but mostly to those epic pics, we found ourselves eagerly standing in a well-distanced line to get our take at Nene’s Taqueria, a deli in Bushwick, BK. Today we’re excited to kick off our season with chef-owner Andres Tanatiuh Galindo Maria. Photo Courtesy of Nene's Taqueria.Heritage Radio Network is a listener supported nonprofit podcast network. Support Opening Soon by becoming a member!Opening Soon is Powered by Simplecast.
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