166 minutes | Oct 18th 2020

Open Your Toys Cast - 206

On this episode, we learned a lot. Sometimes in real-time. Like we’ll be getting an entire wave of Mandalorian Retro Collection figures. Mattel is doing some pretty cool things at Mattel Creations, including a clear Origins Skeletor. Just wish I would have learned of it sooner. We had heard rumors about the third wave of Classified, but now the trusted source that revealed earlier waves including the Cobra Island exclusives, confirms it will be Lady Jay, Flint, and Major Bludd. Finally, Transformers is doing a 6-pack of Micromasters. Not too exciting right? Well two of them are M.A.S.K. homages. One is of my favorite M.A.S.K. vehicle, the Hurricane. $30 for one Micromaster?