113 minutes | Sep 20th 2020

Open Your Toys Cast - 204

This time around I’m going to address what we talked about in comparison to actual reveals via Pulsecon instead of my favorites. First up, is the complete absence of ’86 Studio Series. With multiple figures leaked already, why not at least address it? We’ve been covering the Holiday Troopers. Wow, that is some awful deco. They even joke about how Lucasfilm was super-hesitant about this, for good reason. For Joe, we knew what was coming with the “Retro” line figures, but I hadn’t seen anything about the FANG and I guess for good reason. Not a retro mold, not retro artwork. Call this Origins or something. Please do not call this Retro Hasbro. Finally, nothing announced about MOTU as this was Hasbro’s weekend, but at least we’re getting some new Thundercats.