157 minutes | Aug 9th 2020

Open Your Toys Cast - 201

How bad do you want a Quintesson? $180 bad? That’s what the new MP-scale X-Transbot Dr. Egg will set you back. The new Hasbro Pulse Livestreams have not been a friend of people’s wallets either. Usually dropping at least one new toy, if not ten, these streams no long are simple “here’s what’s coming soon”, they are full-on ads for temptations available to order right then. Star Wars has one coming up. Movies studios are definitely being cheap, even a smaller movie like the Snake Eyes origin movie is getting pushed back as it seems we may not get to see a movie in theaters before 2021. While we have a quick story during the show, the big one doesn’t come until the end when we get breaking news of all the amazing Masters toys coming our way. I think Mattel, and Hasbro for that fact, have finally realized the adults by a lot of toys and most of them aren’t as frugal as I am.