50 minutes | Oct 8th 2020

60 Minutes through Space

Today’s episode is all about space, family, and Afofuturism. Featuring 60 Minutes Through Space, and a conversation with Adetola Abdulkadir and Safiyah Cheatam.

🚀 This episode features 60 Minutes Through Space, originally published by Obsidian Podcast on 10/28/2019. 

60 Minutes Through Space was written and produced by Adetola Abdulkadir and Safiyah Cheatam, with Sarah Espii Proctor as the Sound Designer. 

  • Narrated by Nichole Marie as Atiena Walker, 
  • Radiance Ware as Maya Walker, 
  • Jaylen Smith as Amar Walker, 
  • Lorenzo Jones as Kevin Walker, 
  • Hector Tolentino as George Wellor, 
  • Dwight Smith as Trevor, 
  • Caroline Unger as the Overhead Announcer. 

Music includes Lemon Lime by Brevyn, Love is Like the Sun by The Dogon Lights, and Come Right Here by Tendinite. 🚀

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