52 minutes | Jan 30th 2018

Nutrition Periodization: Individual Plans For Your Body Type - Ep. 186 OPEN SKY FITNESS PODCAST

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Two weeks ago, Devon and I talked about Periodization: Creating A Strategy For Your Next Fitness Challenge in Open Sky Fitness episode 184. In that episode, we focused more the physical fitness aspect of periodization and this week, we’re talking about nutrition and how to eat to get the most out of your Macrocycles, Mesocycles, and Microcycles.

Exercise is one way to get into shape, but you won’t get the results you want without nutrition either. 

If you’re training for a fitness competition, you gotta focus on the amount of macronutrients you intake and it’s the same if you want to get into shape with a periodization plan. To learn more about macronutrients and eating right for a fitness competition, you can learn a lot from last week’s podcast OSF 185 with Paul Revelia: The Building Blocks of a Muscular Physique in which he explains how to become a natural bodybuilder.

There are 5 Phases of completing a Periodization Plan with nutrition:

  • The First Phase – Beginning/Transition Phase: Clean Up Your Diet
  • The Second Phase – Building Up Lean Body Mass: Which Foods to Eat and Which to Avoid
  • The Third Phase – Leaning Out: Greater Focus on Specific, Nutritious Foods
  • The Fourth Phase – The Peaking Mesocycle Phase: Preparing for a Fitness Competition
  • The Fifth Phase – The Recovery Mesocycle Phase: Continuing Your New, Healthy Lifestyle
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