7 minutes | Jun 5, 2019

Welcome to OOPS the podcast

The Ounce of Prevention Show is changing how we talk about and treat mental health issues. The medical model is set up with healthy people creating strategies for sick people and that just doesn’t work for mental health. Those of us with lived experiences are the ones who know how to help ourselves and others. We need a seat at the table. No amount of education will replace the words and advice of someone who has been there.  Maybe if more people were willing to share their stories, there’d be less people dying alone, feeling alone, wondering if there’s any end is sight. We need safe space to tell those stories. There is hope. Or maybe there isn’t. I don’t know your life. I can’t promise this show will make you feel better but perhaps for the next little while, you can sit at my table and chat with a friend. I’ll put the kettle on. You pull up a chair. And if nothing else, thanks for listening.  
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